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Review – Chins LiFePO4 12V 200AH Lithium Battery


200 Amp Hours
LiFePO4 Battery 12V 200AH Lithium Battery - Built-in 200A BMS, Perfect for Replacing Most of Backup Power, Home Energy Storage and Off-Grid etc.

Reasons to Buy:

2000+ Cycles Rated

Built In Battery Management System

Capacity Expansion Ready

5 Year Warranty

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Q: What’s the battery warranty?

We provide five-year warranty for all our batteries. And our five-year battery warranty includes the following privileges when used correctly in accordance with the manual instructions:

1. We’ll assist to analyze customer’s problem within 24 hours, and help solve problem, restore battery usage, and introduce the optimal use method.

2. If the problem can’t be solved, we’ll send new battery replacement to the defective battery. And the defective battery needs to be returned to our US warehouse, and will be checked and tested by our technical team.

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