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Review of Renogy Lycan 5000 Power Box


Renogy Power Station 4800Wh 3500W AC Outlet, LiFePO4 Backup Battery Expandable Combiner Box, Solar Generator for Emergency, Off-Grid Home Use, Lycan 5000

Reasons To Buy:

Expanded to up to 19.2kWh with additional batteries

Monitor with phone app

Peace of Mind During Power Outages

Fast Charging

3 Year Warranty

5 Year Warranty on internal battery

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Renogy Lycra 5000 power box

  1.  How long does the warranty last?  3 years, 5 years for the internal battery.
  2.  What is the battery life cycle?  4500 cycles
  3.  Does it come with a phone app?  Yes 
  4.  Does it have circuit breaker protection? Yes 
  5.  How much does it weigh?  265 Pounds

When looking for a portable power station, these are the most desirable features:

1. Pure Sine Wave Inverter
2. Has MPPT Charge Controller (Maximum Power Point Tracking)
3. Able to perform pass through charging, meaning you can charge the unit and use the unit at the same time.
4. Has a regulated 12V output, for charging of some items like phones, tablets, etc it is not a big deal, however some appliances like
a refrigerator might not work without a regulated 12v output.

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