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Top 11 Solar Microgrid Companies of 2021

By – Brian Douglas

All around the world, companies and developers are diverting towards renewable energy sources because of their sustainable and affordable quality. According to IEA, there has been an exponential rise in the solar energy industry since the last decade. This is because of its high reliability and scope for innovation. There is a rising demand for solar utilities because of their low carbon emissions.

Thus, it has massive potential in assisting households, industry professionals, investors, and people who are generally interested to know more about the solar sector. But for implementing solar utilities or solar solutions, you have to first research the best solar companies and their offerings. Keeping that in mind, we present you with the top 11 solar microgrid companies of 2021 that can transform the world with their new age technologies. Read on to find more!

top solar microgrid companies of 2021

     Top 11 List of Solar Microgrid Energy Companies

  1. Box Power
  2. Bloom Energy
  3. S&C Electric Company
  4. PowerHive
  5. SepiSolar
  6. Scale Microgrid Solution
  7. Gridscape Solutions
  8. Saft Batteries
  9. General MicroGrids
  10. Pure Power Solutions
  11. Heila Technologies

1. BoxPower


BoxPower is a solar company that focuses on solving rural power-sources problems. So, their mission revolves around increasing the reach of sustainable and clean energy in rural areas. They provide end-to-end rural microgrid solutions, from auditing solar energy to its operations. They also provide solutions to line hardening and maintenance in countryside.

Apart from this, their integrated solar, storage, and backup solutions help with power cuts during storms, disasters, and other emergencies. It provides a continuous and permanent energy supply during tough times.

That’s not all! They have replaced traditional utility lines with their products such as ‘SolarContainer’ and ‘BoxPower MiniBox’ that are ideal for remote off-grid applications. Because of their solar outreach in the toughest of environments and their innovative clean alternatives to diesel generators, they landed on our top 11 list.

2. Bloom Energy

Bloom Energy

This US based solar company aims about bringing a positive worldwide energy revolution with their affordable, clean, and sustainable solutions for all. Bloom Energy comprises a diverse team of energy enthusiasts who produce world-class and highly efficient renewable energy technologies. Their focus is on cutting edge yet affordable solutions to create sustainable communities. They also aim to reduce carbon emissions and enable energy resilience. They specialize in always ON microgrids, biogas, electrolysers, hydrogen fuel cells, etc. 

3. S & C Electric Company

3. S & C Electric Company

S & C Electric Company specializes in the control, switching, and protection of electric power. But, they also have a wide range of solutions that facilitate solar energy plants connected to the power grid. These include products and services for switching, protection, VAR compensation products, analytical studies, and engineering related to solar powers and photovoltaic solar plants.

In 2016, it was in the list of the top 500 Solar Contractors in North America, bagging the 36th position in utility contractors and the 51st rank overall.

4. Powerhive


Powerhive company collaborates with utilities and power producers to provide affordable, effective, and reliable energy to millions of rural households. It revolves around clean and sustainable energy by using modular power grids. Apart from utility solutions, they also provide monetization, financing, and off-grid utility management solutions. So, they help out rural communities, businesses and even government projects.

Because of their innovative and new-technology approach and providing stable electricity even to remote areas, Powerhive lands at #4 in our list.

5. SepiSolar


SepiSolar is an engineering company that provides cutting edge solar and energy storage designs. They serve contractors, EPCs, and developers. They even extend their services to financial and consulting niches for solar and solar energy storage. So, they also serve OEMs and policymakers.

They aim to provide sustainable, reliable and clean energy through more intelligent grids. To achieve the same, they focus on project development services, technical consulting, design and engineering, training, and certifications.

6. Scale Microgrid Solutions 

Scale Microgrid Solutions

This solar company aims to reduce annual energy spending by optimizing the solar utilities. They claim to save up to 10-15% of their users’ annual energy spend by optimizing the solar battery storage, microgrids, and other devices. They help in finance, design, maintenance, operation, expertise in the energy distribution platform.

Their technologies aim at generating clean and sustainable energy that helps in reducing greenhouse gases and environmental degradation. They offer their services to households and businesses.

7. Gridscape Solutions

Gridscape Solutions

This smart energy solutions company aims at designing and producing energy-efficient products and services. Their solutions help in energy saving, achieve sustainable goals, and acquire operational efficiency. Their projects like ‘Renewable Microgrid’ uses solar energy and storage technology to produce clean emergency backup power.

So, their main focus is to provide renewable power in both on-grid and off-grid modes to save energy.

8. Saft Batteries 

Saft batteries is a leading battery company that researches, manufactures, and sells batteries. It serves multiple sectors including, renewable, mobility, aerospace, rail, and even data centres offering IoT. Their focus is on nickel, primary lithium, and rechargeable lithium (lithium-ion) batteries. Nickel batteries are specially manufactured to store photovoltaic solar energy. These batteries are highly reliable and efficient in production, transmission, distribution, and consumption.
Their batteries are designed for sustainable energies that involve eco-design, raw material recycling, life-cycle assessments, and emission reduction.

9. General MicroGrids


This solar company serving both rural and remote, as well as energy independent cities and urban areas, is a global microgrid leader. It aims to provide security, reliability, and sustainability to all. From availing services to customers for designing, building, owning and operating, it provides solar utility solutions to all. It also aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the stress on transmission and distribution of energy.
Their services include Clean power generation and electrification development consulting, Microgrid technology-neutral consulting, Market assessments and market entry, targeting strategies, Microgrid economics and operations on-site training and demonstrations, and many more.

10. Pure Power SolutionsPure Power Solutions

This California based solar contractor company specializes at residential, commercial, and off-grid solar and energy storage. Providing the best possible solar utilities and installations, they are known for designing cutting edge solar solutions. These include a variety of solar energy systems such as grid-tied and off-grid residential systems, grid-tied solar and battery storage systems for large and small commercial customers and a wide range of grid-tied solutions for schools and municipal buildings.
Apart from this, they can handle all aspects of your project. It includes necessary documentation for available incentives, permits and approvals, system design, engineering, and final system commissioning.

11. HeilaHeila

This modular energy platform simplifies the integration and optimization of solar arrays, batteries, and other distributed energy resources. Their main focus is to develop a futuristic grid that is reliable, sustainable, affordable, and resilient to the current challenges in the solar sector. They leverage clean and low carbon emission technologies in their solar solutions. They even provide a seamless integration, deployment, control and monitoring solution for project developers. Moreover, they enable several utilities to have direct insight and control of DER assets.

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